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Total Donations = $150

Thanks to everyone who has donated or pre ordered a shirt. Currently we have 8 donations with the last donation on May 16. 

Donations vs owed

All donations go toward past due rent and bills. Our current situation is this - Monthly rent is $2500 and we are 2 months behind.

Why are you closed?

Business has slowed down over the last few months. We have struggled to pay rent and bills on time since opening, and finally some services were cut off. We are working to have them restored. We are still behind for past month's bills, May rent, and now June rent is right around the corner. Rent/bills are $3500 a month. That is not counting toward buying new beer or vinyl.

Why don't you do events to bring in customers?

We recently held a pet adoption event, our 1-year anniversary, and also two in-store shows, one from a national touring band. These were great, but we did not break even for setting up the events. We have also tried free movie nights with food trucks, but there was never a big turn-out.

Why don't you do a gofundme?

We have tried 2 of these in the past, and both failed. We have also had a donate button setup on our site for the last 5 months with 0 donations. We also feel that a gofundme shoudn't be required when we have an established business with inventory readly avaialble for purchase. We'd much rather rely on our product.

Why don't you sell records on your site?

We have had an online store that featured many of our records but recieved only 3 orders over the last 6 months. All were for in-store pick-up.

Why don't you start a membership?

We have been open for over a year now and are still not able to pay bills or rent on time, for the most part. We are not able to order beer or vinyl at any consistent rate due to this. This makes it hard to set up a membership service when we can't maintain normal service.

Why don't you set up a tap take over event to bring in more people?

Sadly, it's difficult buying 1 keg of beer at a time, let alone 3 or 4 for a tap take over. On a good day, we may sell up to 10 beers.

Why don't you change your hours?

We have tried hours ranging from 12pm all the way till 10pm. We have also been open up to 6 days a week. Conroe dies down at 6pm and we are lucky if we see a face after that time. We have days in a row where we don't see anyone. We keep the store open when we know people will come in. Please also understand we are a team of 2. My wife and I recently had our first child so I'm on daddy duty while my wife works. This is why the hours are also shorter recently.